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Laboratorio Dante Regazzoni Laboratorio Dante Regazzoni Laboratorio Dante Regazzoni Laboratorio Dante Regazzoni Laboratorio Dante Regazzoni Laboratorio Dante Regazzoni
Museum of Musical Instruments
Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Laboratorio Dante Regazzoni Laboratorio Dante Regazzoni Laboratorio Dante Regazzoni

The figure of Dante Paolo Regazzoni has been linked to the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia and the Museum of Musical Instruments since 1956, the year in which he won the 3rd Competition of Contemporary Violin Making sponsored by the Accademia together with ANLAI (National Association of Italian Artistic Lutherie). Though that edition of the competition was its final, it signalled one of the first important prizes in recognition of Regazzoni’s work and initiated a long series of national and international accolades. Regazzoni’s prize winning viola became a part of the museum collection, and today it can be seen in the new exhibition gallery designed by Renzo Piano, inaugurated on 16 February 2008 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.
Thanks to the generous donation of his children Domenica, Giulia and Cesare, the tools and other objects from Regazzoni’s workshop are now a part of the museum’s collection. Among the most noted and esteemed Italian violin makers of the last century, Dante Polo Regazzoni avoided the spotlight, preferring to dedicate himself with meticulousness and passion to his work in the tranquillity of his workshop in Cortenova Valsassina. That refuge was lovingly preserved by his children and given in its entirety to the museum; it provides a precious testimony of the Lombard maker’s work as well as of violin making techniques in the 20th century, particularly for the quantity and the quality of the tools, several of which were made by Regazzoni himself, together with the internal forms used to construct the instruments. These are on public display in a dedicated exposition as well as in the functioning violin making workshop, situated in the exhibition area for full public viewing. The workshop is not meant to be a mere reconstruction of the original, but rather a living re-elaboration that unites the displayed objects to the work of the two resident violin makers, who continually conserve and care for the museum’s instruments.

Annalisa Bini
Head of cultural activities, book and media library, and museum
Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia

Document taken from "Il Liutaio Dante Regazzoni" Ed. Cremona Books 2008


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