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Dante Paolo Regazzoni
Cortenova Valsassina 20/09/1916 - Lecco 12/03/1999

Dante Regazzoni was born in Cortenova in the province of Lecco in 1916.
He begins his search in Valsassina early twenties , self-taught , in an era where only the "passion" could make up for the lack of livelihoods and communication.

In 1953 he enrolled all'ANLAI and began a correspondence, which lasted several years, with Prof. Gioacchino Pasqualini, president of the "historical" association, which provides, inter alia, models and sizes to start a real business in a small workshop in A. Volta a Cortenova.
At the same time activates the association with Leandro II e Giacomo Bisiach lasted for over forty years, until the death of the latter in 1995. By attending the workshop of the famous Corso Magenta in Milan comes into contact with some of the leading makers who, along with his brothers Bisiach have characterized the violin making in Lombardy between the first half of the twentieth century they Gaetano Sgarabotto, Giuseppe Stefanini, Ferdinando Garimberti. (Meeting New York 1989)

In the second half of the fifties , with the help and friendship with some of the most well-known makers such time Sesto Rocchi and Giuseppe Lucci, starts to build up a good number of original instruments which increasingly express his personality as a luthier, pure and simple, but strong and elegant at the same time.

Over the last thirty years of his life Dante Regazzoni continued to work in his native Valsassina so reserved and modest, bashful from any noise advertising , creating many instruments : violins, violas, three cello and two guitars.

Competitions, prizes, diplomas


Participated with a violin at the 2nd National Contemporary Violin Making Competition and was admitted.


Exhibited a violin at the National Exhibition of Modern Violin Making - Ascoli Piceno.


Participated with a violin at the 3rd National Contemporary Violin Making Competition - Rome and obtained the following recognitions:
1° - ranking group instruments (violin and viola)
2° - ranking violas
13° - ranking violins and the following prizes:
Gold medal of the “Accademia Nazionale S. Cecilia” for duo (violin and viola)
Acquisition prize of the President of the Council of Ministers for the viola now at the Museum of musical instruments at the Accademia S. Cecilia.


Participated with a violin at the International Violin Making Competition "Wienawski-Wettewerb" - Poznam (Polonia) and arrived first among the Italian makers, together with Otello Bignami.


Participated with a violin at the 2nd Exhibition of the Antique and Modern Violin - Pegli (Genova). Participated in the Competition of Master vion Maker at the International School of Violin Making in Cremona. Placed among the six finalists.


Participated with a viola at the International Exhibition of Violin Making dedicated to the Modern Viola- Ascoli Piceno. Regazzoni recounted the following to his children:
“When in my presence the violin makers who were on the commission opened the case they were surprised and provisionally classified the viola among the top five. Later, the makers Garimberti and Ornati, whom I met when I was awarded a prize in Rome in ’56, made up the excuse that I was not enrolled in the official registry of artisans. Thus I had to settle for 15th place, with the prize of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, on the condition that I enrolled in the Artisans Registry. I tried to make ANLAI understand that their decision was unjust. In the end, they took my considerations into account and I received a prize and a diploma.”.


Participated with a viola at the Exhibition of the Modern Violin Making - Bagnocavallo and received a diploma of participation and of merit.


Participated with a violin and two violas at the International Triennial of Bowed String Instruments - Cremona.